For Jimmy

Lion and Cow sat on a hill looking out at the world. 

They came here hand in hand, whenever they needed to think - They were always hand in hand, arms interlocked, never allowing the other to walk through that crazy jungle called life alone. 

"What's out there?" Cow said to Lion.

"They say there's lots of hills out there, way, way, out there. Some under water, some in the clouds, some even call them mountains not hills."

"How about that eh - Mount - Ains. It sounds wilddddd. Nowhere fit for a simple little Cow like me." 

But how wrong the simple little Cow was, for she was forever exploring greener pastures in dreamtime and real time, thinking about meeting other kinds of cows, the ones with the black and white spots, the ones that looked like midnight and the other ones with the curly perms on their heads - They always made Cow laugh, she'd only ever seen them in pictures. 

Cow was ready to explore, to travel to a new land and not always have the comforts of home in her lap. She liked home, it was warm and colourful and safe and home had Lion. But Cow knew it was maybe not her home, and the only way to find home was to walk the yellow brick road, maybe alone for a little while. 

Life with Lion was home - Two peas in one pod, dreamers sitting on a hill, sharing ideas and smiles. Hand in hand, heart to heart, right from the very start. "Home is wherever I'm with you,” Cow said to Lion. Cow never had to actually speak, for Lion to know what she was thinking. Cow liked that. Words complicated things. Life in pictures and smiles was their kind of world, it was better like that. 

Lion, a pack animal at heart was a wise old soul. Lion sat calmly on the edge of the hill, while Cow amassed her life in a series of comings and goings, moments and movements. Lion put his hand on Cows shoulder - "Our home Cow, is a land beyond these hills and these mountains, a painted ultramarine dreamscape of blue hues, deep waters and floating clouds. A land we will forever adventure, together." 

"Our home is that intergalactic space right before you fall asleep, when the blacks of darkness spin into a kaleidoscope of colours, pulsating with love and kindness." 

"Our home is a land we can, and always will come back to, because no matter which of the million of hills and mountains our souls drift to, when we close our eyes, we will be back at home, with each other - always." 

Cow ruffled Lion's mane and smiled, she turned behind and pulled a dandelion out of the ground - "Make a wish," Cow proclaimed to Lion and Lion wrapped his paw around Cows. Together with one big puff Cow and Lion made one big wish for the future, for each other, for the dreamers out there and for their endless friendship defying the boundaries of time and space, living up there, way up there on the hills of kaleidoscopic darkness and light.