Echoes of the Yellows 

There were two sisters who lived in the sky, 

Spreading colour and joy to all those passing by.

At times referred to as chalk and cheese,

they knew the truth they were twins on the breeze.

But this breeze was wild and at times a little blowy,

stripping Dorothy from oz back and forth to and froey. 

The older of the two by 4 minutes + 4,

was accustomed to spreading her glitter across the ocean floor.

She remained in oz in the land down under, 

And brought the city to the streets of a rather baron land turned wonder.


No matter whether here or there or to or fro,

The sisters would retreat to the clouds from below.

They would float hand in hand sharing stories & dreams,

Of being neighbours on land a solid unit, the same team.

4 + 4 steps from door to door they would say,

4 + 4 little steps to welcoming a new day.

But as they glided on the breeze,

Above the humming birds and fields of leaves.

The littler one of the two grabbed her big sisters hand,

And told don't her 'don't worry we have more then just this land.'

'There will be days it will be 4 by 4 plus a few'

'But we have nothing to worry about we have a room with a view.'

Two coloured souls they were a rather unique little pair, 

Who needn't ever be here to ever truly be there.

Their space was the world up high in the sky, 

That sky that's the same no matter where a soul might lie.

In the dreams, in the seas, in the jungle and the meadows, 

The two could retreat into the echoes of the yellows.

And there they would meet in the home of the sun,

A universe built for bigger things and the magic of just one.