There was a young boy who sometimes felt trapped.

Alone and vulnerable in a grey world. 

He didn't believe in black and white, because things were never that simple. 

Some days he would lay in the grass and close his eyes - he envisioned colours he'd never seen before, wondered about people he had never met before and tunes he'd never heard before. 

He was a creator, but sometimes lost the colours in his paintbox to create. 

One day while laying on the grass he opened his mouth wide and breathed deep, so deep that he swallowed a kaleidoscope of butterflies. 

He opened his eyes wide but it was too late, they had swum deep, deep into his belly, where they fluttered their fragile wings. 

He thought they were trying to escape, he coughed and sneezed and wrinkled his nose but nothing would work. 

He meditated on the flutter, that repeated action deep inside and soon realised the butterflies were not distressed, they were exploring every little inch of his body; every little finger and every little toe, his ears and his legs, they were recharging and re fuelling Mukul spreading colours throughout his entire body. 

Bedazzled by the sensations he closed his eyes, upon opening them he realised the colours were seeping outside of him, painting his skin and dreamily transforming his clothes.

His simple jacket was now a dream coat, a swirling blue sky with kaleidoscopic patterns tracing the lines and whims of the butterflies. 

He peered down and seen on his left lapel sat a starfish named Sally - Sally was his spirit guide; 5 perfect points with imperfect skin. 

The gold and glowing starfish reminded him that everything will forever exist as a series of dualities, a reminder of the stages of greyness within a world full of colour. 

Mukul felt open and aware with Sally by his side.

An alligator dressed in a geometric wonderland sat on his right lapel. He was his protector. His name was Alan – Mukul admired Alan for his bravery. He'd never seen someone so bold and so decorative. 

The shapes pressed against Alan's body encompassed a multitude of lines - responses and reactions to every occasion. Some round, some firm, some hard some soft - Alan represented strength, acceptance and adaptability. 

Mukul felt inspired and safe with Alan by his side. 

Alan encourage Mukul to be as colourful and as decorative as his grand brain would allow him to imagine. Alan told him to dream. 

In Mukul's dream coat he felt strong, brave, loving and powerful. Strangers would gravitate towards his colours - he realised that by being Mukul and being colourful he was spreading more joy and happiness in the world. 

This made him feel brave. 

Seated on the green, green grass where it all began Mukul reflected. The world he thought is a sea of starfish, both perfect and imperfect and a land of Alan's who enable their friends to be themselves. 

Mukul smiled. 

Mukul never felt more happy and alive then on those days he walked with Sally and Alan in his Technicolored dream coat with a belly full of butterflies.