To Ridiculous Love All Over The World.

Cow and Lion were always together, they had been the bestest of friends for 11 whole years, that's 132 months and 4015 days. They had done so much of their life learning together. They had chased rainbows, built sand castles, broken hearts, had their hearts broken, been lost together, loved together, danced together and dreamt together - everything they did they did together. It was the greatest kind of friendship, that RIDICULOUS kind of friendship that doesn't bring you down to earth, but rather spins you off to Jupiter to dream bigger, dance bigger, sing louder and chase more rainbows. 

One day Cow was presented with a rainbow, a rainbow with a different box of treasure at the end. Cow wanted to so desperately share this treasure with Lion, they were always together, it was their favourite place to be - side by side. But this treasure was different, it was a treasure that asked Cow to shake off her spots and venture into a new land, an unknown land, alone - without Lion. 

Cow didn't know what to do. She knew she was brave, she was tough, she would be ok - but she also knew the greatest kind of adventures were those adventures shared with Lion. Cow and Lion shared the same head and the same heart, she was the left leg, he was the right leg, she was the right arm, he was the left arm; yet, somehow, strangely enough, despite sharing equal limbs of the same body, Lion seen the world differently, Cow seen the world differently. Everyday they would teach and learn from one another, about one another and from and about the world around them. 

Cow didn't know what this new world would be like, without being able see it with and through Lion. Somewhere deep in her belly she felt a little scared, of what, she wasn't entirely sure, but Lion had been here for 11 whole years, 132 whole months and 4015 whole days, well maybe 4000 days, there were probably a few sick leaves in between. But the world was used to seeing them together, just as they were used to seeing the world together. 

Lion and Cow went to the mountains one day, the blue mountains, their favourite was blue, ultra marine blue, their favourite artist painted with that colour blue and they painted their bodies in that very same colour on Lions 18th birthday. They sat on the mountain and looked out at the world. This world was shifting, growing and changing in front of their very eyes, just as they were. 

Cow held Lions paw tightly and said 'we've spent 11 whole years with a few sick days in between, together in every physical sense of the word. But as we grow old and the world becomes smaller, the word together will be different, the word physical will be different, the word same will be different. We will realise as we grow older and bigger and bolder and stronger and wiser that we will forever be together, physical and the same, in every world in every space in every limb. I will help you walk with your right foot and your left foot and I'll help you stand tall with your left hand and your right hand, whenever you feel wobbley, never fear i'll always be there and I'll never let you fall.' 

Lion turned to Cow and took an orange crayon from his pocket, he held her left arm and wrote the word RIDICULOUS. Cow took a black crayon from her pouch and followed Lion's lead, she wrote the word RIDICULOUS on his arm. Lion turned to cow and said 'We'll carry this word with us wherever we go, to remind us to be strong and bold and colourful and RIDICULOUS forever, whenever and wherever. We'll also remember that our left arm and our right arm is never far away and that somewhere our RIDICULOUS other half is standing bold and bright, just knowing the other is there, somewhere out there, still so close, in the wild, wild world.'