For all the beautiful odd pairs out there.

Once upon a time a unicorn and a bear travelled the world. 

It was funny to see a bear and a unicorn together at times - one came from the clouds the other from the trees. One the colours of the rainbow the other the colours of the earth - On the outside they were different but on the inside they were the same, they were the two sides of the same coin. Heads and tails. 

They both loved words and pictures and dancing and cuddles, they also loved sharing and gobbling goodies - except ice cream they could never share ice cream. One liked caramel the other chocolate it was a bond never to be toyed with. They both hated - well nothing really, they were happy, they both dreamed and roamed and they wrote and they played together, apart, above and below, 

One day while laying in the grass staring up at the clouds Unicorn spotted a double rainbow - Unicorn asked Bear "What's at the end of your rainbow Bear?" Bear became a little philosophical he turned to rainbow and said, "Freedom." He then posed the same question to Unicorn to which she replied "Treasure." Treasure to Unicorn was more then the gold stuff - So much more, but Bear knew what she meant. 

Unicorn and Bear wandered and roamed with their eyes open and closed. They learnt to journey anywhere and everywhere together by simply closing their eyes and letting their imagination soar through the forests and clouds of homeland and out into the far and wide distant lands where they knew no one and nothing. They liked to feel far away and to feel and hear newness. 

Unicorn kept the kept the stories of her travels loosely in her rainbow tail, they were all sorts of colours and hues - A painting of each and every step she'd walked with and without Bear. Bear kept the jingling bells of adventure land singing in his belly, he was a great story teller and would dig deep down searching for the chime to re-capture his tales on the road. 

Grizzly Bear was a secretive little bear, he wasn't as grizzly as he tried to be - He wore his colours on the inside deep inside his belly full of butterflies, but he only showed these colours to the very few. Unicorn, all the colours of the horizon and the sea, was grounded by the Earth that Bear wore on the outside, on the inside. They were the heads and the tails of the same coin. 

Unicorn and Bear shared stories of their different worlds with one another and grew and learnt from one another. They lived out a far different world together - A world sitting in a rainbowed, tonal balance. A dusty pink hue that soon turned brown and housed all the colours in between. 

With Bear Unicorn could show all her colours, a dreamer in the clouds at times found life on land tricky, Bear taught her the tales of the trees, tall, full and wise. He taught her of the sacred roots that hold you up bold and bright, born in one spot but forever journeying outward. Unicorn showed Bear the land of the clouds, a coloured space of surreal magic and endless dreamtime.

One from the clouds dressed in rainbows, one from the trees dressed in the Earth - heads and tails of the same coin. This was Unicorn and Bear.