What does it mean to be here and there Unicorn asked herself one day, what if one is both here and there and down and up and left and right - always.

Bear and Unicorn had been both here and there and there and here and together and apart in multiple dimensions, times and spaces - but there were times when Bear wasn't there, in the there there that we know but secretly somewhere he was. 

Unicorn and Bear shared - always. They thought they were different and for some time kept reminding each other how different they were, but secretly they weren't that different. They loved to see and taste and touch and share, they shared words and colours, pictures and feelings. The both loved stories and their stories would become bolder and brighter every time they shared with each other. Bringing more magic to the adventure with every little word.

They had traveled - together - lots. They had traveled sitting silently side by side into some of the wildest worlds of dream time, they had traveled paw to paw, in real lands, new lands and old lands. They made each other tougher and braver. They balanced. Unicorn and Bear shared something special, Unicorn knew that from the very start. The grizzley bear that wasn't so grizzley taught her new things and she liked that, she learned something new each and every day, he made her heart bigger, fuller. The grizzley bear pretended to be grumpy, but he wasn't so grumpy - he was no average bear, he was a little cautious in the real world time; but in the dream land time he was cuddly and free. 

Unicorn and Bear were here and here in the real time, their journeys had brought them back together in the same space they had first met. But Unicorn was feeling a little stuck in that space, it was a space with lots of bricks and lots of cars and lots of a people. For a Unicorn living in the clouds she wanted to find those clouds once more, to refresh and come back. So she traveled to a world up above, a world she had dreamed of many times, a world she had dreamed of sharing with Bear. Unicorn wanted to feel the feeling of being here and there, but really here and here - for one must never really be here to ever truly be there. 

Unicorn journeyed to that land above the clouds, a far and distant story, in a far a distant time, a space that let her feel free. Not restricted by the big cars and the big buildings and the big people but free, free to be herself, free to feel. She landed in these clouds and her eyes gazed in wonder at the lands sitting before her - she'd never been to a land like this. She pranced with her rainbow tail and jiggling hooves down the streets of the new, old world, seeing the stamp of Bear everywhere. 

One day she danced in the maple leaves falling from the sky, it was autumn time and everything was transforming around her - orange, reds and yellows, singing songs with every corner she turned. She picked up a perfect 5 pointed leaf and pressed it in her book, Bear was there in that moment dancing on the street with every falling leaf. Unicorn roamed the streets feeling happy and free, she remembered how much she loved newness and how much she loved feeling different in a new, old space. 

Socks were her favourite thing, four little hooves and four feet to dress. Standing by the side of the road was a wooly sheep, he was covered head to toe in fuzzy goodness, Unicorn, never the most practical kind of Unicorn, had not quite dressed for the cloud occassion but she liked feeling cold, she liked the feeling of feeling. Bear loved socks too, he had two wooly feet and two wooly paws he needed to keep warm in the winter time. Unicorn picked up mountain socks and Santa socks, they both loved mountains and she loved Christmas, seeing Santa Claus and monsters made her far too smiley, she tied them in her rainbow tail and moved through the city. 

Unicorn wondered during these moments what the words here and there really meant. For Bear and Unicorn only days ago were both here and here but not truly ever there. In these misty moments Unicorn walked the silent streets solo, whenin the real time Bear was there and Unicorn was here, but she knew this wasn't true. With every tasty treat, with every spot of beauty andr every dancing leaf the Bear that was there was actually truly here. 

On Unicorns final day within the clouds she met a Buffalo she had once met in some other mountain in some other time. Bear was set to meet this Buffalo a few months back, he was a sweet and kind Buffalo, quiet and reserved but with good insides. The Buffalo asked the Unicorn where the Bear was, to which Unicorn replied "he is here," She picked up her favourite painting Buffalo had painted and pointed to the animals dancing under the Maples trees. "He is Here," Unicorn said smiling maybe you should write him a note. 

Unicorn took the note and the painting and squished it in her book, amongst the maples leaves beside the warm winter socks. She sat there with her collected memories and stories and smiled. The Bear and Unicorn shared a magic in the dream time and the real time, in the here space and the there space, amongst the weirdest of trees and the wildest of cities - they were safe, alone and together, here and there - they were there and there.